Editor’s Added Note: The disease model is convenient to liberals because it spares them having to say negative things about poor communities. But this conception of addiction harms the very people we wish to help.

I don’t suppose anyone has done a study to find out how many overdose victims saved by Narcan go right back and hit the drug scene again.  If I’m right, it’s just about all of them.

 I’ve learned over time to refuse to care more about those who don’t care about themselves.  If you try, all you’ll experience is frustration.  The common denominator of all these Liberal-controlled cities with massive transient issues is that they are enabling the problem rather than discouraging it.

I watched an interview of an obviously able-bodied transient in Austin, Texas, which has been taken over by Liberals.  He stated he left San Antonio for Austin because in San Antonio, the police were constantly harassing him, while Austin Police left him alone.

That tells you everything.

Carl F. Worden

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