Obama reportedly getting ready to intervene in 2020 election

HeadlineObama feels Sanders is unfit to battle Trump – and he has told people he might say so publicly

What’s Up: Barack Obama is apparently so worried about Bernie Sanders’ rise near the top of the polls that he’s getting ready to intervene and publicly speak out against the Vermont senator so that he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination.

Quote: “Obama has told people in private that Sanders is both temperamentally and politically unfit to beat Trump in the 2020 general election, these people say. Among his concerns are Sanders’ strident form of politics and confrontational manners where he was known not to seek compromise during his long years in the US senate.”

The First take: On one hand you have to applaud Obama. He’s apparently very concerned about Sanders’ policies and the far-left leanings of many of the candidates in the primary. But here’s what we’re left wondering: Is Obama truly concerned about the progressive policies, or is he approaching this more pragmatically? Meaning: Is his concern simply rooted in the fact that he thinks no candidate can win on such a platform even though he secretly wants the exact same things? Remember, this is a man who grossly expanded government during his eight years in office and on many occasions lamented that he couldn’t go further. We can’t fully answer those questions. Still, it does seem that Obama has recently been reevaluating at least some things. He called out the “cancel culture” of the Left recently, for instance. But again, it’s hard to see him as a champion for reason when he was so divisive during his terms. Maybe his eventual rebuke of Sanders will give us more insight.

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