Bernie’s Campaign Calls the Police After Reporters Question Them Over a Staffer’s Wish to Murder All Rich People (Including Bernie?)

Call the police!

That was the response of Sanders campaign staff Thursday.

In South Carolina, officials for everyone’s favorite political candidate who wants to take away the rights of Americans to own their own business called the law on undercover journalists with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

You may have seen recent video of PV, wherein — as I covered January 15th — a staffer admitted Bern’s a conventional follower of the Nazis’ favorite economic system “masquerading” as a democratic socialist (was there ever any game-changing difference?).

Well somebody called the po-po on them fools.

And why? Because the reporters were pressing campaign peeps over comments made recently by Bernie field organizer Martin Weissgerber.

Courtesy of RedState’s gunslinger Nick Arama, hit it, Martin (and close your ears, kids):

I feel like I should embed that twice, but maybe you can just watch it again.

As for killing the rich, taking away business rights will certainly do it: It’ll kill the rich as a class.

Except for the politicians, of course.

Legislators AOC and Bernie favor a system in which they have all the control over products and production.

Lucky coincidence?

The cop who responded to the distress call told Project Veritas what’s what:

“They said that the only thing they’re gonna have is no comment. If you try to make contact with them, it’s no comment. … It’s one of those things where they wish he hadn’t said that, but they’re still standing by him…”

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