The Police Department is suggesting you appear, so they don’t have to come after you…..

The Jackson City Police Department issue this notice yesterday.

The Jackson Police Department would like to remind and encourage those who have pending charges such as traffic tickets or other criminal charges that are being processed in Jackson City Court, to attend court at the proper dates and times involving their cases. This week, there have been over 29 Failure To Appear Capias issued from Jackson City Court and officers are serving those arrest papers as soon as possible. In situations where citations are issued in lieu of a physical arrest and someone is advised that they must appear in court on a particular date and time, YOU MUST show up or a capias will be issued and you will be arrested, taken to jail, and wait there until court opens and you can be seen by the judge. Please do yourself a favor and stay out of jail by attending your court dates.

Jackson Police Officers have arrested 17 individuals so far this week because they have failed to come to court after they have been made aware that they must appear. These are situations that are avoidable if individuals will be responsible enough to go to court at the appropriate times.

capias warrant is an order that is issued by the court to arrest a person, in order to ensure that he will present for his next scheduled appearance. For example, a capias warrant may be issued in a criminal matter, or even a traffic citation, if the defendant failed to show up for a court date.

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