Humane Society receives $2,000 donation in wake of directors death

Mr. Bilyeu was a nice man. I’m sorry to hear of his death.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Hours after the death of Humane Educational Society director Guy Bilyeu, an anonymous woman donated $2,000 to the shelter.

Guy Bilyeu passed away early Saturday morning in the hospital. He spent the last six days of his life in the intensive care unit after sustaining a serious injury during a bicycle accident.
His death came during a weekend when the Humane Educational Society teams up with other animal organizations to hold a massive three-day pet adoption event at the Petsmart on Gunbarrel Road.

It was during the adoption event that an anonymous woman donated $2,000 to the Human Educational Society. The woman reportedly told staff members the money was donated in tribute to the late Guy Bilyeu. According to sources within HES, the money will pay for pet adoptions.

It was also during the adoption event that HES board of directors president Tai Federico issued a public statement about Bilyeu and his legacy. Federico praised Bilyeu for his innovated ideas ans unique management of the Humane Educational Society.

(Statement from Tai Federico)

It is with great  sorrow and much anguish that I must inform you of  Guy Bilyeu’s passing this  morning. He served our community tirelessly as an advocate for animals. His  passing leaves a great many of us to grieve our loss, but the work he has done  will live on locally and nationally in the thousands of animal lives he has  saved and the countless human lives he made better. His innovative ideas and  unique management at the Humane Educational Society has laid a foundation that  will carry HES into the next many decades as it continues to serve Hamilton  County. We, his friends and fellow animal lovers, offer our sincerest  condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed.

Information regarding  arrangements will be forwarded as the details become available.

Tai  Federico

Board of Directors,  President

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – So far, the Pet Adopt-a-Thon has been a big hit for not only the people adopting animals but also the organizations that have teamed up to find homes for hundreds of pets.

People looking to add a furry four legged member to their family or household have lots to choose from. Everyone WDEF talked to said they have their own criteria when it comes to finding the right pet.

“We look for a dog that is very good with children because we have an eight-year old daughter and we also have a granddaughter who’s three-years old. We also want make sure the dog is properly trained or is house trained,” said Jeff Crow of Dalton Georgia.
“We’re looking for a small house broken dog that is not going to jump on our little one and we’re looking to find a friend for our other puppy so they can be companions,” said Josie Parris of Athens Georgia.

WDEF caught up with Whitney Graham of Chattanooga just moments after she adopted a five year old dog named Trixie.

“It feels good. It’s just us right now so it feel good to get a companion,” said Graham who was just getting use to walking her new buddy.

Several organizations including the Humane Educational Society and McKamey Animal Center brought in as many animals as they could. Their goal was to make sure at least 200 dogs and cats get adopted over a three day period. So far they’re on a good track to adopt more than 200 since the latest numbers were at 141 by early Saturday evening.

“I think there’s so many dogs that that need homes and these dogs need to be loved just like any other dog. We choose to come to these events to support the cause,” said Crow.

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