Churches pause in moment of silence to honor slain children

<strong>Ashlynn Luckett</strong> (

Ashlynn Luckett (

Some area churches observed a moment of silence Sunday, Jan. 26, to remember three children killed in shootings last week.

At Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Donald L. Johnson asked members to contribute to GoFundMe online fundraisers to help cover funeral costs for the children.

“We want to be in unison all across this city,” Johnson said. “In the midst of their (the families’) hurting, the church really does care.”

The three children have been identified as Ashlynn Luckett, 6, Lequan Boyd, 16, and Jadon Knox, 10. Luckett and Boyd were Collierville students and killed in Hickory Hill. Knox was killed in Orange Mound and was a student at Aspire Hanley School, according to a GoFundMe.

“If this doesn’t bother you, then something is wrong with your emotions toward humanity and mankind,” Johnson said of the shootings. “The killing in Memphis is out of control. A good sermon won’t get it.”

The congregation bowed for the moment of silence before Johnson asked members to join hands as he led a prayer.

“We come today in a collective … in a collaborative way all across this city, pausing to remember these lives who was snuffed out in a senseless way,” Johnson said.

Calling the city “wounded,” Johnson prayed for those who committed the crimes. He prayed for city, county, school and church leaders to be “moved to action … to keep from being in this position again.”

“Have mercy on our city,” he said. “Protect our children.” 

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