Is this how Dems will call witnesses during impeachment Trial?

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Headline: John Roberts Can Call Witnesses to Trump’s Trial. Will He?

What’s Up: A New York Times op-ed lays out a path for how Democrats could subvert the impeachment trial rules voted on by the Senate and get witnesses to testify. It involves Chief Justice John Roberts using his power as the presiding judge.

Quote: “The Democrats’ impeachment managers should immediately ask the chief justice to issue subpoenas for key witnesses and documents, insisting that the Senate rules make him and him alone the decision maker about whether to ‘make and enforce’ those subpoenas.”

The First take: The authors of the op-ed make a good case. This is going to be an interesting aspect to watch play out. But here’s the thing that Democrats keep forgetting: The longer this trial drags out the worse it is for them. Americans are already losing interest, meaning the Democrats aren’t getting the free anti-Trump ratings they were hoping for. And the longer they keep this going, the more it keeps their colleagues in the Senate who are running to defeat Trump off the campaign trail. Witnesses or no witnesses, it’s actually a win for Trump.

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