Prosecutors accuse Huawei of stealing trade secrets

US prosecutors bring new charges against China's Huawei

Federal prosecutors have filed new charges that were unsealed Thursday accusing Chinese telecommunications gear maker Huawei of stealing trade secrets.

Huawei already faces charges of stealing intellectual property, wire fraud, and obstruction of justice.

In the new case, Huawei USA and Futurewei, two subsidiaries that were located in the U.S. at the time, allegedly took technology from six American companies by breaking confidentiality agreements it had with them.

The theft allowed Huawei to “drastically cut its research and development costs and associated delays, giving the company a significant and unfair competitive advantage,” prosecutors said in a press release.

Andy Purdy, the chief security officer for Huawei in the U.S., said the charges were part of a “campaign to carpet bomb Huawei out of existence.”

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