Did you know almost all seasonal flu originates each year from China?  It’s true.  Now we have Coronavirus from China and we had SARS several years ago.  Why is that?

God gave very detailed instructions on what foods are good for us, and what foods we must avoid, and he never reveals why in any of his Commandments.  The reason God never tells us why, is because he is God and he shouldn’t have to.  We are all God’s children and God loves us, therefore his Commandments are all designed to benefit us, so if we ignore God’s Commandments, we do so at our own peril as well as innocent others, but not God himself because he is insulated from our stupidity.

I know a lot of people think God is just some authoritarian jerk who sits back and says do this and don’t do that just to piss us off.  For that reason, they don’t trust God and they selfishly do whatever they think is best for them, Commandments or not.

The Chinese have finally isolated the source of Coronavirus.  It is an exotic scaly anteater that goes by the name, Pangolin, and those crazy Chinese eat them in direct violation of God’s Dietary laws.  The Chinese also eat pork like it’s the only meat there is, and they live in close proximity to pigs.  Remember the swine flu?  You see, pigs can transmit their viruses to Humans far more easily than just about any animal.  Pork is never to be consumed by Humans, but people eat it like candy, particularly bacon, and then they wonder why they got diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Look, we have enough pollutants in our environment, but if we augment those toxins by eating foods that contain even more toxins, what do you expect –

– a clean bill of health??  If so, you are an idiot.

All edible animals must divide the hoof and chew the cud.  But it doesn’t end there.  We are never to drink the blood, eat the organs and we are never to eat the fat.  So you bleed out the animal at slaughter, and when you eat the meat, you are to carefully cut off every shred of fat you can find first.  Simple enough.

As far as seafood is concerned, you are to eat only fish that have fins and scales.  That excludes catfish and sharks as well as others.  That also eliminates shellfish like clams, mussels and abalone, as well as lobster, crabs and shrimps.  Do you want to endure a miserable, unhealthy lifetime that is cut short?  Keep eating that garbage.

Birds?  We can eat any fowl, like chickens, grouse, quail, turkeys and ducks.  I don’t think I have to tell you to avoid crows hawks and vultures.

Let’s look at the difference between prohibited pigs and edible steers.  The pig is an omnivore; it eats anything it can find, including carrion!  The steer eats only grasses, legumes and corn.  The Steer has a multi-stomach filtration system that prevents toxins it eats from entering its meat, while the pig has no filtration system and is chock full of really nasty toxins in its meat — and especially in its fat.

A few years ago, the veterinarian school at UC Davis conducted an experiment that proves the above paragraph.  They fed a pig and a steer a traceable isotope, waited just 20 minutes and slaughtered both animals.  When tested, the steer had no isotope in its meat, but the pig did.

When the Chinese scientists found the Coronavirus in the Pangolin, it was 99% the same DNA as what Humans are infected with, meaning Coronavirus only had to mutate slightly to infect Humans, and since the Chinese idiots eat Pangolin meat along with all kinds of other disgusting, “exotic”, animals, once again, what did we expect?

The problem with violating God’s laws is that it results in other innocents being negatively affected.  China has a massive Coronavirus problem and now the rest of the world faces pandemic too.  Homosexuals and their disgusting sexual practices were the entryway for HIV to infect thousands of innocent others who also died.  So when we selfishly violate God’s Laws, we don’t just sin against ourselves; we also sin against our fellow man!


Carl F. Worden

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