Daughter of Ex-national intelligence director charged with murder

Image result for Sophia NegroponteSophia Negroponte, 27, was accused of stabbing an acquaintance, Yousuf Rasmussen, during an argument in a Maryland apartment. A third person who was in the apartment said that Negroponte and Rasmussen had been drinking, and started bickering, then fighting. The witness said Negroponte took a knife out of a kitchen drawer and lunged at Rasmussen, stabbing him.

She is the daughter of former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte has been charged with first-degree murder.

The charging documents said Negroponte removed the knife, yelled “I’m sorry,” and pleaded with Rasmussen not to die. Sophia Negroponte is one of five children her father and mother, Diana, adopted in Honduras, where he served as a diplomat before being appointed by then-President George W. Bush to be the nation’s first intelligence director in 2005.

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