George Soros and his Open Society Foundations is an ultra-Liberal devoted to the idea of Globalism.  Globalism is the belief that the whole world would be better off with no borders and run by a one-world government that would use Communism as its form of governance.  Because Globalists favor the dissolution of all governments and borders into a New World Order under one central government, they are all Domestic Enemies of their respective nations.

The indicators that a person is a Globalist is an advocate of no borders and a promoter of the human-caused climate change hoax.  Both are goals intertwined with Globalism, and our own Democrat Party is committed to Globalism, as are Angela Merkel of Germany and most, if not all, of the European Union.

As it turns out, George Soros is up to his old tricks in Ukraine.  He has a close association with our former Ukraine Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, who was told by Soros not to investigate certain factions operating in Ukraine.  Former President Barack Obama, another Globalist, was asked by Soros to get the FBI to investigate a Soros enemy, according to a recent interview given by Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who defended President Trump during the Impeachment proceedings.

So now we discover that not only was Biden and his son involved in shady Ukraine matters, but also our own ambassador, Nancy Pelosi and others.  I believe we are about to discover Soros was also a player behind the effort to remove President Trump, which is no surprise because Trump has nothing but contempt for everything Soros and all he stands for.

The more we discover, the more positive I am that Obama doubled our national debt in just eight years for the purpose of causing our nation to go into default, ultimately under the, “leadership”, of Hillary Clinton.  But Clinton lost that sure bet election, which at least temporarily derailed all their Globalist dreams.  Do you get it?  If the USA went into default, it would pave the way for the USA to become part of the New World Order, and with the USA on board, most other nations would follow.  No wonder the Dems are so upset our economy is booming!  Our economy was supposed to tank, but Trump changed all that.

Bible prophesies state that these evil ones will ultimately reach their goal of creating a New World Order under the leadership of a very charismatic leader the Bible warns is in fact the Anti-Christ, and if the Bible prophesies state it, it will happen.  However, there are clear references in the same prophesy that Israel and Jordan will remain independent of the New World Order, and because the USA is so closely intertwined with Israel historically and nationally, it is my belief the USA will also escape.  I believe God arranged for the election of President Trump to thwart the USA from default for that reason.


Carl F. Worden

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