Kansas Anti-Raw Milk Bills Possible In Any State

H/T Alexia

Currently, raw milk is legal to sell directly from the farm. But last week, the Kansas Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee held hearings on two anti-raw milk bills.

One would completely ban the sale of raw milk in Kansas and the other would place more regulation on farms selling raw milk.

The hearings were scheduled with less than one week’s notice and were on two consecutive days in the capitol during a snowstorm and flash freezes, making it hard enough for any residents to get there but even harder for small farmers.

FTCLDF filed written comments opposing the bills and Marti Secondine spoke on behalf of FTCLDF and its members. Farmer member Arlene Borntrager, who produces raw milk, gave this poignant testimony,

To the KDA [Kansas Dairy Association], I say, we aren’t your competitors…we are producing for those that can’t have pasteurized milk. Please don’t mess with our raw milk business, it’s completely different from your business. To the senators, I ask you to please say no to this bill. It is my life. Please do not take it away!

No action has yet been taken on the bills, but we are keeping our ears to the ground on developments. For more info on this, check out the web post at farm to consumer.com.

This could happen in any state so please remain vigilant on what’s happening in your state.

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