Bloomberg’s money can’t make rotten fruit look attractive

Bloomberg's money can't make rotten fruit look attractive

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They only oppose Bloomberg because he’s wealthier than they are. If Bloomberg wins the nomination, he will buy his Democrat opponents off

The Democrat National Committee changed the debate qualification rules to allow Michael Bloomberg to participate in the debate last night. Democrats already scraped the bottom of the barrel before they found their newest tyrant. Why is Bloomberg a tyrant? Only a tyrant would attempt to ban the general public from purchasing large soft drinks. The bottom line is that Bloomberg thinks he’s superior to others.

As a matter of fact, all Democrats think they are superior to others. They are all power hungry tyrants, but I want to concentrate on Bloomberg for a moment. When Bloomberg said that anybody can be a farmer, insinuating that farming doesn’t require knowledge, intelligence or even skills, he was expressing his personal feelings of superiority. He feels superior, although he doesn’t have a clue when it comes to growing anything other than a freedom infringing bureaucracy.  By the way, that’s something that all Democrats excel at.

Moreover, Bloomberg’s opponents made a big deal out of him buying his way into the campaign. However, every Democrat who promises government handouts and freebees to the public is trying to buy votes with the public treasury. The only difference between Bloomberg and other Democrats is the source of the money they intend to buy the presidency with.

In addition, Medicare for all is a socialist conspiracy that serves two purposes. The promise of free healthcare allows Democrats to buy votes to put them in power, and then after gaining power, it will allow them to take complete control over the healthcare system and limit expenditures based on the individual’s economic and political class. It will give Democrat socialists power over life and death.

Of course, ruling class Democrats will always get the best healthcare available because they are part of the ruling class, although they are actually useful idiots to the proletarian internationalists that keep them in power. Proletarian internationalism is simply international socialism, and it’s based on limited liberty and freedom, centralized power and ruling class ownership of all wealth. In other words, it’s a form of slavery known as communism.

Furthermore, when the establishment owns the fruits of labor of the masses, as all socialist states do, and the ruling class uses the wealth to enrich themselves and their families, and they distribute what’s leftover as they see fit, that’s simply slavery. The Democrats are trying to bring slavery back. That has been the primary goal of Democrat socialists since they lost the Civil War.

Politicians on both sides of the isle are loyal to the socialist ideology because it provided them with wealth and power they would never have acquired on their own. When Obama said, “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get that on your own”, he was talking about people like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. He was talking about people who became millionaires while feeding from the public treasury.

In conclusion, the Democrat debate last night was just as boring and meaningless as the ones that preceded it. Even Bloomberg’s money can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse or make rotten fruit from bottom of the barrel look attractive. However, Bloomberg’s participation did serve a purpose. It reminded us just how petty and covetous the Democrats are. They only oppose Bloomberg because he’s wealthier than they are. If Bloomberg wins the nomination, he will buy his Democrat opponents off.


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