A “Well” Church

They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship.  – Acts 2:42  Pastor and author Greg Laurie says that churches are “well” when they practice these activities:





Like the early church, we should be active in these ways today. Worship. We must meet together for fellowship, communion, prayer, and praise (Acts 2:42,47). God is to be the focus of all we do in His church. Evangelize. As we share the Word, the Lord will add new believers to the church (v.47). We can all take part in spreading God’s Word by developing a friendship, by giving someone an article about the gospel, or by sharing some Scripture verses with a stranger. Learn. We must continue learning sound doctrine taught by qualified leaders (v.42). The Bible is filled with instruction for living, and we should take every opportunity to learn from it, apply it to our lives, and teach others. Love. We are to share with whoever has need, and enjoy the fellowship of other believers regularly (vv.45-46). A church whose members worship, evangelize, learn, and love will be a “well” church, effective in the community, and appreciated by “all the people” (v.47).

Anne Cetas 

Churches grow when people pray And pastors preach the Word, When love for Christ sends out the call To those who have not heard.

D. De Haan

A world in despair needs churches that care.

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