President Trump is furious that, “somebody”, in the State Department authorized 14 people who have been exposed to the Corona Virus to fly home with innocent people who are were not exposed.  Allegedly, the exposed people were isolated on the flight, but some who flew with them were concerned the safety measures were insufficient.

Whoever authorized that flight against Trump’s specific orders needs to be arrested and charged with attempted negligent homicide no different than a guy who knows he’s HIV positive and has sex without telling his partners of his condition.

I’m also concerned that California has allowed some 7,000 people who may have been exposed to Corona Virus in China, to self-quarantine in their own homes.  Only a complete fool like 16 year-old California Governor Devin Newsome would come up with a brilliant idea like that!

you do know there are people among us who believe a forced population reduction of 1/3 of all people is a good idea, right?

Carl F. Worden

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