The Media Begins Its Narrative Shifting For Bernie

By Erick Erickson | The Resurgent

Also: Bernie is creating Trump voters and I’m endorsing Darrell Issa for Congress

Read this push notification from CNN, one of the networks that so heavily invested in the “Russia Stole it Trump” narrative.

There is now no evidence that they want to get Trump re-elected. It is just to “sow discord.” That is actually what it was in 2016 too. But the media narrative in 2016 was that it was all about electing Trump. Democrats have becoming invested in that narrative with a conviction that is religious. It is part of Democrat dogma and orthodoxy now that Russia stole the election in 2016. By faith, Democrats cling to this belief with as much fervor as they do murdering children is a woman’s choice.

They cannot say that now, though. They have to finally admit it has always been about sowing discord, but they won’t make it retroactive. They’ll only make it about 2020 because the intelligence community knows the Russians love Bernie Sanders as much as Bernie Sanders loved the Soviet Union.

Do you really think the former head of the Soviet KBG turned Russian President doesn’t have a preference between the man who armed Eastern European countries against him and the man who defended Soviet bread lines as proof no one starved?

The media will discredit itself in the quick turn towards the truth — and it is the truth. The Russians are not actively working to steal it for Sanders anymore than they are working to steal it for Trump. The key difference is that conservatives can believe and recognize this fact as truth and Democrats cannot and will not.

As I noted yesterday, the media is going to wholly discredit itself by rushing away from the media’s long-established narratives all to help Bernie Sanders.

Sander Is Going to Create Trump Voters

One of the things Democrats cannot fathom is how Sanders will create Trump voters. Consider this tweet into my timeline yesterday.

First, here is my original tweet.

Now here is the response.

Democrats hate Donald Trump so very much that they cannot even comprehend there are people who dislike the President but will choose him over Sanders.

When I was a campaign strategist for candidates, I would always tell candidates they need to know when they are in the minority even when they think they are right. Democrats could use that advice right now. They so passionately despise the President and are so convinced he only won because the Russians stole it that they cannot process some long-established Never Trumpers might decide to go for Trump.

It is even more remarkable that as the President’s popularity goes to all-time highs for him, the Democrats lack the ability to be introspective enough to ask what role they have played in making that happen.

To be fair to them, the press is going to go overboard highlighting Never Trumpers who go for Bernie. There is absolutely an overexposure in the press of anti-Trump former Republicans who will vote for the Soviet apologist over the man they perceive as being a tyrant now. Ironically, this gives President Trump an advantage in 2020.

The media will so play up those voices of the Never Trump movement who would support Sanders that they will totally miss the massively more significant number of Never Trump partisans who hold their noses and vote for Trump. After all, many of them loathe Trump personally. They loathe him for his character and behavior. They loathe the way so many Republicans defend the bad behavior. But they’ll take tax cuts, good judges, and deregulation over a Communist.

Ken Gardner@KenGardner11

I would vote for Trump — I WILL vote for Trump — if the alternative is Bernie Sanders. You’re damn right I will. I will walk through a nuclear blast to vote against a communist. Bernie Sanders is a far more evil person than Trump on his worst day.

Suzanne Lindbergh@suzannebuzz

@KenGardner11 You would vote for criminal corruption and a guy who’s essentially “winging it,” destroying our democracy … versus a guy who thinks we should all have healthcare? I am no Bernie fan but the choice is an easy one given the alternatives.

Sanders will turn the suburbs back to Trump. Suburban voters vote with their 401(K) plans. Sanders puts those plans at risk. Sanders will make a play for putting back together the Obama coalition that Hillary failed to hold. He may have some success with that. Republicans should not take him for granted. Sanders, frankly, could win. But Sanders will undoubtedly help the GOP in swing congressional districts and could hand the presidency to Trump more readily than many of the alternative Democrat candidates.

Just remember: everyone thought the GOP going with Trump would hand 2016 to Hillary. It didn’t and not because of the Russians, but because of Hillary being a terrible and unlikable candidate.

Also remember: for all the Democrats complaints about Bernie and loathing of Bernie, they will rapidly consolidate around him joyously to try to oust Trump. 2020 will be about turn out.

I’m For Issa

There’s a race in California you should pay attention to. It is between Darrell Issa and Carl DeMaio.

I am endorsing Darrell Issa while my friends at the Club for Growth are supporting DeMaio.

In 2016, DeMaio and I were both vocally part of Never Trump. We are both now supporting the President.

But I’m supporting Trump in 2020 because of his agenda and what he has proven about himself. What I find notable is that DeMaio is now supporting Donald Trump too, but long opposed much of the very agenda Donald Trump is advancing and he now claims to support. I am supporting the President because of his agenda. DeMaio is supporting the President because of an agenda DeMaio has previously opposed. That reeks of opportunism on his part. Darrell Issa has been consistent. We may not always agree on issues, but I know where Issa stands and it is right where he has been standing. Of the two candidates in the race, Issa hasn’t shifted.

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