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Former Vice President Joe Biden knows very well that his candidacy is on the rocks.  He also knows he’s facing very serious charges of corruption and using his office for personal benefit when he arranged to have his son, Hunter, take a ridiculously high-paying and undeserved position on the Board of the very corrupt Ukraine energy company, Burisma Holdings.

But today Joe gave himself away.  Biden made the comment that he was running for the Senate, and although Biden is known for coming up with some whopper gaffes in the past, that, “mistake”, was so obviously contrived that I now know what Biden is up to:  Biden is intentionally acting like he’s got a deteriorating case of Dementia or perhaps Alzheimer’s, and he’s positioning to make it look like he was mentally impaired when he was engaging in those corrupt and criminal acts.

Biden is positioning to use his alleged mental incapacity as a defense if and when he is ever indicted.

In fact, I believe Biden chose to run for the presidency in order to deflect imminent legal actions he knew very well would probably come from his Ukraine fiasco, and when President Trump asked Ukraine President Zelensky to reopen their investigation into Biden, his son and Burisma Holdings, all of a sudden the Democrats went full throttle in an attempt to impeach President Trump!  It wasn’t hard to convince House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, because she also has a child involved in another Ukraine energy company.  In fact, all of the investigations into Trump have had just one goal, and that was to keep Trump so preoccupied swatting away those false charges that he wouldn’t have time to look into matters regarding Ukraine under the Obama Administration.

All the Democrats are doing is trying to stay out of prison!

Carl F. Worden

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