I am Amazed and Shocked… Tennessee lawmakers advance bill to prevent ‘lunch shaming’ students

In an article in the Tennessean by Kimberlee Kruesi of the Associated Press, we find that our legislators hard at work looking for something to do. Lord knows we can not destroy a child’s self esteem by asking them to work so they might pay a debt.

Rep. John Ray Clemmons

Schools would be banned from “lunch shaming” students unable to afford school meals, under a bill that was narrowly advanced by a Tennessee House panel on Wednesday.

The proposal, sponsored by Democratic Rep. John Ray Clemmons, would ban schools from requiring students with lunch debt to do chores, miss school activities, graduations or other activities that would publicly identify the student as being unable to pay for a meal.

Schools would also have to assist parents and guardians to obtain free or reduced-price meals for their students and offer to find any other available assistance.

And the Tennessean loves it

Advocates across the country are trying to stop lunchroom practices that can humiliate children.

Embarrassing tactics have included serving cheap sandwiches in place of hot meals or sending students home with conspicuous debt reminders, such as hand stamps.

The Tennessean is promoting the passage by attempting to shame Tennesseans by listing states that have already passed this left winged proposal.

New Mexico passed a law against lunch shaming in 2017, and several other states, including California, Iowa and Oregon, have followed suit.

And you wonder why children who turn out as adults view debt as no big deal.

Maybe, as an alternative, instead the state should just feed them all and eliminate the injustice of only feeding those listed as poor by the state standards. Then there would be no debt, other than the one the state creates.


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