Massive Water Main Break Floods Streets, Drowns Cars in Houston, Texas

The 35-year-old pipeline was said to be the largest water source in the area, providing over 50 percent of Houston’s fresh water. Local authorities are still fighting to contain and repair the break.

A water main break on Thursday flooded several streets, freeways and cars in the eastern part of Houston, Texas. The water reportedly flowed some two miles from its starting point, causing “major traffic backups” across large areas of the Lone Star state’s largest city.

“Water covering a part of the main lanes causing people to sit on the roofs of their cars,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted. “This is a cluster, but we will get it worked out”.

Local police and firefighters are still trying to control the situation following the break in the 96-inch-diameter water main. Draining the enormous pipeline is expected to take 6 to 8 hours at a minimum, according a city sheriff.

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