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Crazy, crazy, CRAZY!  And we’ve seen NOTHING yet!  This will be more of a ‘conspiracy theory’ even than even ‘9-1-1’  Was 9-1-1 a conspiracy?  5G is REALITY.  It’s already here.  9-1-1 thrust the entire world into a 100-year war.

BUT … is it REAL?  Is there any REAL connection?  5G is 100% real.  The CV is 100% real.  The deployment of 5G and the correlated release dates of CV in Wuhan, China are 100% real (they both happened with days of each other).

CV = CoronaVirus 2019 / COVID-2019

CV is a biological virus.  Biological viruses are LIVING MICROBES that have a metabolism, and are transmitted (and must have a HOST to live) *VIA OTHER LIVING ORGANISMS* – namely people and animals.

I personally put little credence in any approach that the world-wide “5G” technology being rolled out as quickly as developed countries are able to deploy it, there is still plausible evidence that the 60GHz frequency that 5G is transmitted on at least has the POTENTIAL to alter microorganisms, or at least how people and animals could be PHYSICALLY harmed by being exposed to the 60GHz 5G frequencies.  5G will be on *EVERY STREET CORNER* on every street in the world, or that is what is planned.

The 2.4GHz frequency is the global standard right now.  It connects every known electronic device wirelessly currently in use (phones, baby cameras, home security, ATMs, cash registers, and ALL EXISTING public utility systems using wireless technology, which is ALL OF THEM.  This technology was developed by RATHEON, the largest industrial military complex weapons manufacturer in the world.  Think about that.

You decide.  The evidence of connections between CV and 5G are gaining momentum.  Too early to tell.  But *EVERY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD* are in either the actual deployment stage or the pre-deployment (planning) stages to install it on *EVERY STREET IN THE WORLD*

5G is essentially a technology that will eventually be able to control every aspect of every life of every person living on the entire planet.  Think about THAT.

It is interesting to note that Bill Gates announced TWO WEEKS AGO that he donated (on that day) $100 MILION DOLLARS towards researching a *VACCINE TO CURE COVID-2019*  How/why did he invest so heavily in something when it was *STILL BE CENSORED BY THE COMMUNIST CHINES GOVERNMENT* (on the day of the donation announcement)?  Feb 5, 2020 – > Bill And Melinda Gates Donate $100 Million To Coronavirus …


5G Launches In Wuhan Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak experts Warned 5G could cause flu symptoms – YouTube

I don’t know who this woman is, but she certainly has some incredible insight on the 5G / CV connection.  She does not list her sources.  She could even be a CIA agent trying (early) to control the narrative (for all we know).  Take with a grain of salt, but still worth contemplation.

The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda

5G Is A Weapon – The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology – The Hidden Truth


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