Coronavirus Spreads to Georgia

By Erick Erickson

Governor Kemp held a press conference on Monday night at 10pm

In a 10 pm press conference Monday night from his ceremonial office, Governor Brian Kemp announced there are two individuals in Georgia with the coronavirus. The people live together and one of them came home from a trip to Milan, Italy.

The Governor said the individuals are quarantined with other family members who came into contact with them in Fulton County, Georgia.

Dr. Kathleen Toomey, the Commissioner in charge of the Department of Public Health says the patient, on returning from Italy, developed symptoms. The patient, upon developing symptoms, called ahead to their doctor to minimize potential exposure to other people understanding they might have COVID-19. The patient was admitted to their doctor’s office via a separate entrance from other patients. The doctor’s office appropriately tested for the virus and both the doctor’s office and the patient took steps to avoid all contact with others.

Dr. Toomey said the government only learned about this case a few hours ago. The patient was “an astute member of society” who knew the travel risks and worked to avoid other people. The person is not hospitalized but is at home.

There is no knowledge of local transmission in the community. The person to person contact is within the family. Georgia’s government is still investigating all the details of the infected person’s return travel and does not yet know if the person took a direct flight or indirect flight. It is important to note again that the government only discovered the situation a few hours ago and this story will continue to develop.

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