Sick Dems in WA. passed their obscene comprehensive sex education bill, SB 5395,

The goal of the Far Left is to enact as many open sex- confused gender ID bills as they can in order to fulfill the calls of the pedophiles. The Far Leftists are SICK – mentally and spiritually and are working hard to enact legislation to violate every Commandment of God they can.   Those they can’t kill in the womb or soon after that baby is born will be indoctrinated – by law – to every sick and morally corrupt lifestyle they can enact.
This is going on Nationwide – this is what I just got here in Washington state.

Jackie Juntti


Hi Jackie,

Early this morning, after 2:00 AM, Democrats passed their obscene comprehensive sex education bill, SB 5395, that “mandates comprehensive sexual education at all grades.” This is a one-size-fits all Seattle-designed program that starts pushing mature material regarding sexual intercourse, masturbation, expression of gender, sexual orientation and more in Kindergarten. Democrats are taking away parents’ ability to decide when and how their children are educated on these mature, sensitive topics.

This comes just two days after they passed HB 1551 to reduce the penalty for INTENTIONALLY spreading HIV.

Republicans fought for hours, proposing amendments that would protect our right to choose and teach our kids on these mature topics, but each attempt was shot down by the radical Democrats. As a parent of two young children, I’m deeply concerned with the direction Democrats are taking our state. The content of this curriculum is so graphic in nature, that while TVW was televising the legislative debate they displayed a viewer discretion advised warning. We must stop the madness and restore sanity to Olympia.

Please share this email with your friends, family, and neighbors, call Governor Inslee’s office at 360-902-4111 or contact him online here and demand he veto SB 5395 and HB 1551, then get involved with the WSRP today so we can bring common sense back to Olympia.

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