Trump says government will withhold federal funding to sanctuary cities

Wonderful for Pres. Trump to issue this order but he shouldn’t have to do so when the LAW already exists to deal with these *sanctuary law breakers*.

  • Section 1324a states: “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail + $2000 fine per illegal alien + forfeiture of the vehicle or property used to commit the crime”.
  • Section 1324c states, “All officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws shall have authority to make arrests for a violation of any provision of this section” (affirmed US v Perez-Gonzalez 2002 Fed App 0360, 6th Circ.).
  • Section 1644, same title states, “No local ordinance, rule, or measure shall stop law enforcement officers from enforcement of this section” (affirmed Southern District Court of NY, US v Rudy Guiliani,1996).

What Pres. Trump needs to do is to order the ENFORCEMENT of the existing law and everyone of those who are GUILTY of violating the existing law be charged, prosecuted, convicted, and suffer the consequences on the books.

I am against any funds from the federal government going to the states anyway – The original intent of the Founding Fathers was a limited federal government….  where did that get lost in the SHUFFLE????
Why are we sending money to the United Nations or to any other entity, including the individual states??

Jackie Juntti

President Trump on Thursday said the government will begin holding back funds for sanctuary cities – like New York – following a federal appeals court decision last month.

“As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities,” Trump tweeted. “They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!”

The US Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled on Feb. 26 that the government can withhold millions in dollars in law enforcement grants to cities and states that do not give US Immigration and Customs Enforcement access to jails and alert the agency when an illegal immigrant is being released.

The decision overturned a lower court ruling ordering the administration to release the funds.

The Big Apple joined seven states – New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington – that sued the government in 2017 after the Justice Department said it would block the funds.

The appeals court ruling pertained to the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, named after the NYPD officer killed in 1988 in Queens, that is handed out to local governments to assist with law enforcement.

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