Family members of patients at Kirkland nursing facility demand answers, center stops admitting patients

I have wondered since this news first hit – HOW did this virus get into this nursing facility to begin with????
So many incidents seem to be connected to this place.  The news of family members trying to get information on their family members has been beyond difficult.

Just a sidenote on this is how Wash. Gov INSLEEZE had complained that Pres. Rump has not done wnough to handle this situation.  I would love to ask INSLEEZE how many dollars he has PERSONALLY put forth to help pay for this problem –  seeing as how he had no problem spending Tax dollars in his vanity run for president.  Pres. Trump has donated his salary for this quarter –  sure don’t see any of the Democrats digging into their personal funds to do ANYTHING.

Jackie Juntti

Family members of patients at Kirkland nursing facility demand answers, center stops admitting patients

KING COUNTY, Wash. ­ LifeCare Center in Kirkland is now ground zero in King County’s fight against the coronavirus after at least six deaths were linked to the facility.

Dr. Duchin with Public Health – Seattle & King County said Wednesday that all patients will be tested for coronavirus. Previously, over 50 residents and staff were getting tested after exhibiting some symptoms.

The center also announced Wednesday that it will stop admitting new residents.
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“…the facility has also placed a hold on admissions, to fully focus on our current residents and associates. We encourage family members to call the facility if they have specific questions regarding their loved ones,” Executive Director Ellie Basham said in a statement.

On Tuesday, family members of patients at Life Care Center of Kirkland demanded answers. They fear their loved ones are not being properly protected. One man insisted his mother be transported to Evergreen Hospital on Sunday after she had symptoms. Amir Medawar says he told Life Care Center of Kirkland he was concerned about his 86 year-old mother, Odette.

Medawar says he had to argue with staff at the skilled nursing facility and ended up calling a nurse at Evergreen Hospital for guidance. He says she agreed his mother should be transported immediately. Even then Medawar says he got push back from staff.

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