Washington county recommends all 2.2M residents to work from home, tells over 60’s to stay indoors

Washington county recommends all 2.2M residents to work from home, tells over 60’s to stay indoors | Fox News

I pray I am 100% WRONG on this.  But Panic is more dangerous than the COVID-19 itself.  Shallow, mean-spirited, liberal socialists are about to show their TRUE COLORS.  The virtual reality of living inside a virtual world of Facebook, Twitter, online blogs, and youtube is about to meet REAL, ACTUAL REALITY.

How is a general laborer, truck driver, carpenter, police officer, and any man or woman who does PHYSICAL LABOR for a living going to ‘work from home?’  Is there such a thing as a ‘virtual plumber or mechanic?’

This implies an impending public curfew – AT BEST.  Trucks won’t be restocking grocery stores.  Doctors and nurses won’t be going to clinics or hospitals.  Are we getting it yet?

Unless there is a *MIGHTY MIRACLE OF GOD* this will be the situation all across the nation by this time next week. We are asking God for mercy for this undeserving nation.

9 dead in Washington County Washington.  King County tell all county employees not to come in if they can ‘telecommute’ via electronic devices from home.

Hope you are all prepared to stay in your house for a minimum of two weeks.  *IF* pandemic hits nationally (all signs say it will), there will (at first be a “voluntary”) be a “self-isolation quarantine,” meaning you decided to quarantine not just yourself, but your entire family INSIDE YOUR HOUSE for two weeks.

The DEMONCRATS are going to use this to incited the weak minded and whip their zombies into open mobs, rioting, and ALL THAT GOES WITH THOSE TWO.

If you do not own a firearm – GO GET ONE, or borrow one.  If you don’t have one and get along at least half-way with your neighbor, and your neighbor has one, ask them if they can call you if someone is breaking in on you.  It is safe to say that law enforcement will so busy reacting to mob mayhem that a simple break in at your house will be way, way LOW on the priority response list.  God help us.  A gun can save your life.

This could be life changing.  We will see within the next week.  It shows how dependent Americans have become on ‘virtual reality.’  95% of the X, Y, and Z generations will have absolutely no clue of how to deal with the real world.

Washington county recommends all 2.2M residents to work from home, tells over 60’s to stay indoors



A Washington state county, where 31 coronavirus cases and 9 deaths have been reported, has recommended to its 2.2 million residents that they should work from home to help slow the spread of the infectious disease, and further urged everyone over 60 to stay indoors.

Public Health officials in King County on Wednesday recommended that businesses allow their employees to telecommute throughout March in an effort to reduce the amount of face-to-face contact between large numbers of people during this “critical period” in the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We are encouraging employers to maximize telecommuting and to make it possible for employees who can work from home to do so,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said Wednesday. “Community groups should avoid creating large gatherings.”

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