Feminist Says Democrats Should “Pledge That No White Guys” Will Run Next Time

Proving yet again that there is one form of racism that remains completely acceptable, if not outright venerated, in American society these days, feminist author Jill Filipovic suggested Monday if we would all be better off if Democrats could just get rid of all the tired WHITE MEN at the top of the political field.

“Whatever happens in November,” Filipovic tweeted, “what if all Democrats pledged that no white guys will run for president next cycle?”

When several of her followers suggested that maybe it’s more important to simply find the best candidates, regardless of their race or gender, Flilipovic replied: “And yeah we all want the best candidates to run, but if that’s your immediate response here, you’re kind of telling on yourself that you don’t think there are plenty of excellent candidates who aren’t white guys.”

Well…where are they? We’re old enough to remember when Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren were in the 2020 race. Come to think of it, we’re pretty sure one of them is still there (though that could change at any second). The Democratic voters showed very little, if any, interest in supporting them. Maybe it’s because they were [insert protected class identity here]. Or maybe it’s just because they weren’t all that compelling. Why would any party handicap themselves by cordoning off the process and disallowing white men? Why does promoting “diversity” always mean WHITE MEN have to take a step back and fall on the sword?

Is it really proving anything if your uncle lets you win at chess? Is it really proving anything if The Great Oppressors have to take themselves out of the picture for you to win a political race?

All of it’s quite silly, anyway, seeing as how 2008’s nominee was Barack Obama, 2012’s nominee was Barack Obama, and 2016’s nominee was Hillary Clinton. One white male nominee after twelve years is too many?

But Filipovic isn’t the only one put off by the WHITE MEN left in the race; in an interview with CBS’s “The Morning” on Tuesday, former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett said that it is important that no matter who the nominee might wind up being, they choose a “woman of color” to be their running mate.

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