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By Carl F. Worden

Ever since a UFO allegedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, every government on earth has made an attempt to cover-up UFO sightings, alleged abductions by, “extra-terrestrials” and anything else associated with the UFO Phenomenon — until now.  Only recently have various governments allowed public access to some files and data, including U.S. fighter aircraft video footage that shows UFOs in flight.  Several U.S. presidents have claimed to have seen UFOs, and some have demanded access to all UFO files and intelligence, but were allegedly blocked from reviewing that information.  The logical question then is this:  If a U.S. president cannot review that information, who has the authority in the United States Government to refuse such a request from a sitting president?  Is it the so-called, “Deep State”, or are those presidents lying?  I am inclined to believe the latter.

A few years ago, a movie producer was promised by the U.S. Government to review and use film footage that allegedly recorded the landing of a UFO at a military installation, followed by a meeting between, “extra-terrestrial”, beings and high U.S. Government officials.  The day he was to receive that footage, he received a phone call, telling him the footage would not be released to him.  The reason he was given?  The, “timing”, wasn’t right.  Not long afterward, Producer Steven Spielberg released a movie titled, “Close Encounters of The Third Kind”, which was loosely based on that story, but without the promised film footage.  In the meantime, a number of fact-based television programs have been released, devoted to the UFO Phenomenon, particularly one titled, “Ancient Aliens”.  It almost seems as if we’re being manipulated mentally and emotionally in order to be prepared to accept the UFO Phenomenon as real, but only very gradually.  Why is that?  What do our various governments know, and why are they only now releasing hard evidence they’ve held for years?  My gut is telling me the, “timing” is finally right, and I’ll tell you why, even though it may frighten some of you who are of weak knowledge or of little faith in the Word of God.

I’ve been a student of Bible Prophesy and the Bible in general since I was in my teens, and contrary to what most people might assume, the Bible actually supports the UFO Phenomenon in multiple ways.  For example, in Ezekiel 1:4 we read that a craft of some sort carried four Cherubims and the Spirit of God to speak to Ezekiel.  The color of the craft is referred to as amber, but a more careful translation indicates it was the color of highly polished bronze, indicating metal construction of some kind.  Doesn’t that sound like a UFO that carried beings that had the likeness of a man?  The Book of Ezekiel is an incredible revelation of past and present-day prophesy, and it would benefit everyone to read that book in its entirety so that they know what to expect.  In case you didn’t know, God told us he gave us the prophesies so that we would believe, and so far, all of God’s short and mid-term prophesies have come to pass exactly as written.  Only the Latter-Day prophesies have yet to be fulfilled.

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