News from Real Clear Politics March 10, 2020

Will Sanders’ “Clunkers” Vote Hurt Him in Michigan? As primary voterss head to the polls, Phil Wegmann looks back at the candidate’s votes on the 2009 auto bailout bills.

Pence and Coronavirus: Science, Faith and History Come to the Fore. Phil also examines the vice president’s 2015 response as Indiana governor to an HIV crisis in his state.

Greg Kelly: U.S. Hostage of Japanese Justice. The former Nissan executive awaits trial in the island nation’s notoriously undemocratic courts, write Sens. Lamar Alexander, Marsha Blackburn and Roger Wicker.

An Outsider’s Call to America: Let Freedom Ring! Part 7 of our Women’s History Month series spotlights Bette Bao Lord’s congressional testimony urging promotion of U.S. values throughout the world.

Puerto Rico Statehood Wouldn’t Boost Democrats. In RealClearPolicy, Jerry Rogers argues that the commonwealth would likely be a purple state rather than a deep-blue one, as Republicans often assume.

Stop Russia From Sparking Another Bosnian War. In RealClearWorld, Ivana Stradner and Max Frost warn that the West needs to prevent Vladimir Putin’s efforts to destabilize the region.

Shale’s Low Prices Will Have U.S. Natural Gas Breaking Records Again. Jude Clemente explains in RealClearEnergy.

Three Useless Theories of Consciousness. Ross Pomeroy vents in RealClearScience.

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