Supreme Court allows Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy to continue

A man from Venezuela seeking asylum in the U.S. holds his daughter at the entrance to the Paso del Norte International Bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, after the news that the Migrant Protection Protocols program had been was halted on Feb. 28, 2020. Paul Ratje / AFP – Getty Images file

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the Trump administration can continue its “Remain in Mexico” policy requiring people trying to cross the border to seek asylum to wait on the other side of the border while immigration authorities process their cases.

The court said the administration could continue enforcing the policy while the justices consider an appeal of lower court rulings that the program was unlawful.

Only Justice Sonia Sotomayor argued that the policy should be halted.

The policy, formally known as the Migration Protection Protocols, began in January 2019 and over its first 13 months in full operation resulted in the return to Mexico of more than 60,000 migrants.

The Justice Department argued “it has been an enormously effective and indispensable tool” in addressing “the migration crisis on our southwest border.”

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