Drive-By Muthings for a Wednesday Aftenoon

* I love reading Rich Galen’s “Mullings” blog – not just because he and I write on politics from the “right” side of the aisle, but because we’re close to the same age and have a similar sense of humor.  Here’s what he wrote a couple days ago…

     “The only reason I haven’t officially retired is because I didn’t have an actual job to begin with, so I have not had a job to retire from.  But, I have been brushing up on the rules of shuffleboard, and developing a schedule that allows me to be hungry enough to eat the meatloaf and mashed at about 4:30 every afternoon.”

I can relate.

* At what point do Democrats stop getting mad at President Donald Trump over the Wuhan Virus and start getting mad at China for bringing this catastrophe to the world?

*  Democrat Washington Gov. Jay “The Snake” Inslee hath now decreed a ban on public get-togethers of 250 people or more – including churches.

I thought Trump was supposed to be the authoritarian dictator?

*  I also love observation by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame.  Democrats now have a choice “between a candidate who can’t get elected and one who wouldn’t know if he did.”  Bazinga!

* I accidentally channel surfed over the MSDNC last night.  Some woman on the panel kept saying that facing Sleepy Joe Biden was the ONE thing President Trump was trying to avoid – as supposedly proven by his Ukraine call.

Total delusion.  Trump’s gonna make mincemeat out of Corn Pop’s nemesis.

*  The idea that Bernie Sanders could beat Donald Trump was always absurd.  As we’ve now seen, he couldn’t even beat JOE BIDEN.

* Once again, the vaunted “youth vote” – which Crazy Bernie was counting on – failed to materialize at the polls.  Which it never does.  But that doesn’t stop naïve candidates from putting all their eggs into that basket.

*  Question for the Day: Would Democrat Tulsi Gabbard be a worse as a Republican than Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski already are?

* House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has thrown his support behind “Big Dan” Rodimer in Nevada’s GOP primary for the 3rd Congressional District – as has the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

It’s over for “Little Dan” Schwartz.  Stick a fork in him.

* Conservative former Assemblywoman Jill Dickman filed to run for her old seat yesterday in District 31 up in Reno.  Caucus leaders should rally behind her candidacy and endorse her.

They won’t.  Still stuck on stupid.

Campaign Training Workshop on Monday

Sponsored by the Leadership Institute.

Instructor: Robert Arnakis (he’s a TOTAL pro; you’ll learn a LOT)

I’ll be joining Robert to talk a little “campaign strategy,” as well.

Candidate Development Workshop
Monday, March 16, 2020
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Courtyard Las Vegas/Henderson
2800 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89014

How to Register: Click here to register for $10

2020 Tax Pledge Signers in Nevada

CD02: Mark Amodei
CD03: Dan Rodimer
CD04: Lisa Sutton
CD04: Jim Marchant
CD04: Sam Peters
CD04: Rebecca Wood
CD04: Charles Navarro

AD02: Jim Small
AD02: Heidi Kasama
AD04: Richard McArthur
AD07: Tony Palmer
AD15: Stan Vaughn
AD26: Lisa Krasner
AD36: Joe Bradley
AD37: Andy Matthews
AD38: Robin Titus
AD39: Jim Wheeler

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