Ohio, Ill. Governors Order All ‘Non-Essential’ Businesses To Close

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine speaks at a news conference at the statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday, March 3, 2020, to announce impacts on the Arnold Sports Festival of the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Julie Carr Smyth)

The governors of Ohio and Illinois have ordered the closure of bars and restaurants in their states to keep people safe from the coronavirus.

Earlier on Sunday, Governors J.B. Pritzker (D-Ill.) and Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) revealed they were considering the closure of non-essential businesses during an interview on “Meet the Press.”

“If we do not act and get some distance between people, our healthcare system in Ohio will not hold up,” stated Governor DeWine. “The loss won’t only be those impacted by COVID-19, but the danger is also to everyone else who needs hospital care for other issues.”

Their decision came after many states were forced to react to the quick spread of the virus.

“Let me just compliment Governor DeWine and the other governors, we’re the ones who’ve had to provide leadership because the federal government has fallen down on this,” stated Governor Pritzker. “They didn’t advise us to shut down major events, sporting events, parades…we made those decisions on our own.”

Ohio has already closed down all schools and Illinois cancelled the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Chicago.

Both governors have declared a state of emergency and are urging residents to limit social interaction as much as possible.

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