Who Is The REAL Bill Hagerty? Part II

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By Yvonne Burton
Part I of Who Is The REAL Bill Hagerty can be found here… Quick Recap: If you like Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio you will love Bill Hagerty….Presidential Transition Team Leader Hagerty was largely the reason Never Trumpers were staffed heavily in the new administration and MAGA types were kept out.

Part II was going to be about Hagerty, the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, Samar Ali and Shariah Compliant Finance but I’m still working on that. Stay tuned for that but this week let’s take a look at who is funding Hagerty…

Small individual contributions – 20k

Large Individual Contributions + PAC Contributions – 3,389,470 million

Candidate self-financing – ZERO

Let’s go deeper and see who from the great state of Tennessee wants Bill Hagerty to replace RINO Lamar Alexander….

    • Fund for a Conservative Future (Leadership PAC) -5k…Fund for a Conservative Future funded by Timothy Koch (not related to the Koch Brothers) Can’t fund much about them but Conservative Future sounds great and I’m sure it’s not totally to support establishment swamp rats
    • 21st Century Majority Fund – 5k...can’t find out much out this group but they supported Bob Corker and Dick Lugar which pretty much tells you everything you need to no….insider….big club type


  • Denali Leadership PAC – 5k – can’t find out much about these guys either but they seem to like the Mitch McConnell types too….


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