Based on the promising results of some therapeutic drugs against the Corona Virus plague, I sense we are just now beginning to turn the corner toward recovery.  That doesn’t mean I think we’re out of the woods yet, and yes, I do believe it’s going to get worse in the short term, particularly in the Mellenials, who seem to be under the false impression they are immune to serious complications of the virus.

Mellennials are our weakest link when it comes to taking this pandemic seriously, but they are mistaken because a very large number of those hospitalized are under the age of 65.  In fact, a disturbingly high number are under age 40!

That written, I see a silver lining in this pandemic in several areas.  First, this pandemic has highlighted the foolishness of Globalism.  Italy, one of the very worst hit by this virus, is part of the borderless European Union, and because people were able to travel into and out of the EU at will, the disease was able to spread in Europe much more easily than in sovereign nations that strictly control their borders.

The next lesson we should never have had to learn is that we should never rely on hostile states like China to manufacture anything of importance to our national security and our national health.  President Trump solved the problem we had in relying on oil from hostile nations, and that was a good start.  Now we need to take inventory of those medical and technological products that are produced overseas, particularly after a high ranking Chinese POS threatened to withhold antibiotics our pharmaceutical companies produce for American consumption in that plainly hostile nation.  Smart people are now calling for those companies to produce their products exclusively in the USA, and I hope they follow through after this initial crisis resolves.  You never put all your eggs in one basket, and you damn well don’t have that basket offshore in nations as evil, unreliable and corrupt as China is!  I don’t care how many toys or athletic shoes are made elsewhere, but when it comes to any product that can be used for national defense or health care, they get manufactured here!

Another silver lining:  Students are being forced to stay home and get their educations online so they don’t have to sit in a room with others who may be infected.  We should have done that years ago, not only for college students, but also for our elementary and high school students.  Think about it:  If something nasty is going around and you have a kid in public school, you are just about guaranteed to get that bug!  It results in you losing time from work at the very least, and in this current case, you could die from it.

There are other advantages.  Big ones.  Amazon has proved the value of ordering items online so you don’t have to drive to a brick & mortar mall or store that may or may not have what you are looking for or doesn’t have your size.  Well, the same needs to be applied to public education.  We taxpayers are constantly being tapped to pay for brick & mortar public schools to be maintained and/or upgraded and/or replaced in an age of high technology where a student can learn from home on a computer.  If a student has a question, s/he can simply e-mail or call a teacher for the answer.  In a classroom setting, many students are inhibited from asking questions for fear their peers will laugh at them, so they stay silent — and ignorant.  In a home education setting, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.  If our public education system is rolled over to a home education system, all those brick & mortar schools can be sold for their real estate value and part of the massive savings realized could be used to provide home computers to any student who needs one.  So the efficiency of a public education would be enhanced and people won’t get sick nearly as often.  It’s a two-fer!  Of course, the teacher’s unions will fight the concept tooth & nail, but screw them!  Exactly what have they done for us taxpayers lately anyway?

Anyway, always remember this principle of life that every truly successful person knows:  Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.  A person must train their mind to look for the benefit every adversity has concealed within it, so you work through the emotional or financial pain, instead of succumbing to it and feeling sorry for yourself.  As long as you are engaged in your own little pity-party, you are not looking for the advantage or benefit hidden within the adversity you are encountering, so suck it up, assess the situation carefully and ACT on the opportunity instead of REACTING to the adversity itself.

You’ll be miles ahead if you will learn and adopt that very important principle.

Carl F. Worden

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