Image result for liar liar pants on fireThese liars in the media think they have the right to lie under our right to freedom of speech.  Well, they’re wrong, and I base that solid opinion on the Supreme Court decision that made the exception.  Some jackass yelled, “FIRE”, in a crowded theater and caused the people there to stampede.  Several people were injured, and I cannot recall if any were killed.

Had there been a real fire in that theater, the guy would never have been found guilty, but even if he had, the Supreme Court would have ruled in his favor.  But that’s not what happened:  The man caused people to panic and be injured or killed — because he lied!

Lying is NOT protected speech, particularly if it causes harm to others.  Those who claim medical expertise and advise people not to get vaccinations that could have saved their lives are not exercising free speech!  The annual flu kills anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 Americans every year, so the worldwide death toll is considerably higher than that, yet these same jackasses are online everywhere telling people not to get vaccinated for flu.  Maybe our judicial system won’t deal with these assholes, but you can absolutely bet the farm God will!


Carl F. Worden

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