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Good morning

Well, I trust everyone got through the weekend all right!  We are certainly living in ‘interesting times’!!

Are your children or grandchildren home now?  For those for whom this is a new experience, my friend, Sam Sorbo is doing something to help you out.

Sam and her family were in Nashville a few years ago.  She brought her children to Legislative Plaza and spent most of the day with me so that the children could get a ‘civics lesson’ up close and personal.

Have Faith –
We’ve got resources for the
Accidental Home Schooler!

Or watch on Sam’s YouTube Channel:

One new, short, video each day of the week, shepherding you on your journey. You can do this! More resources coming each day.

Sam and her husband Kevin Sorbo are movie and TV stars who are Christians and are committed to homeschooling their children. I thought maybe her presentations might be encouraging and helpful to you. You might want to share this with other families who might be able to use these ideas.

You might want to also check out the Tennessee Home Education Association Resources for help.

Wallbuilders has some interesting looking resources.

Also, I found: The 10 Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum Programs.

Maybe you can use these days to do something really new, different, and life changing!!

Praying for all

Many blessings
Bobbie Patray

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