A Message of HOPE, and Excerpts from Ready References from the Pocket Testament League

You may be familiar with this Christian music artist from his many beautiful songs…

A Message of HOPE from Michael W. Smith (5 minute video)


The attached document contains excerpts from a little fold-out I ran across many years ago, that I keep taped inside the front cover of my bible, called Ready References for your Pocket Testament by the Pocket Testament League.  I have found it very handy over the years, and decided to type some of it into a document and share it with you.  Hope you are encouraged by it, and by the video whose link appears above.

In Christ,


P.S.  I find it interesting how widely news varies about the coronavirus, depending on its source.  Local news and the major networks are overwhelmingly negative, pessimistic, sensational, condescending, and depressing, whereas Fox News and Breitbart.com are markedly more optimistic, realistic, and logic based.  Just my opinion.  (I also wonder if & when they’ll admit it’s contained, or will they continue to milk it for ratings & fear mongering?  I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear one of the panelists on Fox News quote Rahm Emmanuel’s Machiavellian quip “never let a good crisis go to waste” – you will never hear that on the mainstream networks.)

Nevertheless, keep praying.  Great things happen during tough times, so don’t despair;  make the most of this time, read scripture, draw closer to God.  He is good all the time, and can make something good from the worst circumstances – please always remember that.


It is always too soon to give up.

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