Oregon law requires an attendant to fill your tank with gasoline — no self service until now.  According to local reports, Oregon is allowing people to fill their own tanks during the Corona Virus crisis.

This is a good idea?  Now, every driver who touches the pump handle can leave the virus for the next motorist, where before, only an attendant would operate the pump, and the only item he would touch of yours might be your credit card.  I’m wracking my brain to understand how this new idea will not result in more exposure rather than less.  Am I missing something here?

I suppose drivers could carry surgical gloves in their cars to fill their own tank, pay with a credit card nobody touches and then dispose of the gloves when finished.  That would be the ideal, but how many drivers would actually do that is uncertain.

I do believe that if you must leave your home to shop for necessities, you should be wearing those surgical gloves and dispose of them when you get home.  That would certainly help when you are forced to grab a handle to open a door, push buttons at the ATM Machine and handle items others have touched.  Gloves or no gloves, you will still need to wipe down the steering wheel of you car when you get home, because you will transfer any bugs you’ve picked up to it wearing gloves while you are driving anyway.

Just a thought or two.


Carl F. Worden

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