Van Gogh’s ‘Spring Garden’ Masterpiece Stolen In Museum Heist

OAN Newsroom

A Van Gogh painting has been reported missing following an overnight raid on a museum in Amsterdam. The heist happened at the Singer Laren museum early Monday morning.

According to police, the thieves got in by smashing through a glass portion of the wall and quickly taking what they could. An alarm system did go off, however, the assailants and Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Spring Garden’ were gone by the time authorities arrived.

The museum director, Evert van Os, said he’s shocked and “unbelievably annoyed” this happened. He also noted that “art exists to be seen and shared.”

“The painting of Van Gogh was stolen…the painting belongs to Groningen was temporarily lent to us for the exhibition,” he explained. “We and the Singer institution are shocked and sad.”

Police are investigating the matter and working to determine if any more items were stolen.

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