Tennessee’s Second Amendment supporters are being “courted” by members of gun control group seeking help to defeat 2nd Amendment legislation

Tennessee Firearms Association has received reports over the last 24 hours that members of a gun control group funded directly or indirectly by Michael Bloomberg – Moms Demand Action (Editor’s Note: Gist and Conger’s old friend) – are currently contacting Gun Clubs, (especially those who have as part of their business model handgun carry permit classes) and various handgun carry permit instructors, seeking comments related to the current proposed permitless carry bills (there are several) that are pending in the Tennessee General Assembly.  Based on reports to TFA, it appears that they call giving the impression that the caller is just an interested person seeking information about the bill with respect to how it is counterproductive to safety and the well being of our State.  It appears that this is an attempt, while the General Assembly is out of session, to foster opposition to any permitless carry legislation, including the Governor’s proposal.

They may also be seeking to either record those conversations and/or otherwise develop witness testimony that would be in conflict with the requirements of the 2nd Amendment.

TFA is reaching out to alert 2nd Amendment supporters of that this scheme has been reported and to urge you to be cautious about discussing or engaging people that you do not already know in face to face conversations about pending legislation.   In particular, please be wary of unsolicited calls seeking personal comments which, if recorded or catalogued, could have a damaging effect on many of the 2nd Amendment bills that now before the Tennessee Legislature.

Make sure you ask any person seeking your opinion their affiliation and the purpose of their call or visit.  Ask specifically if they are members of or are supporters of Moms Demand Action or its affiliate Everytown for Gun Safety.  Ask specifically if the phone calls are being recorded.  Please feel free to document these contacts and report them back to Tennessee Firearms Association.

Those who would deny the Right to keep, bear and wear arms in Tennessee to the general public never rest nor should you.
John Harris

Executive Director


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