Sailors begin evacuating aircraft carrier for quarantine in Guam

Five More Sailors Aboard U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore ...

The Navy on Wednesday began evacuating sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt for onshore quarantine on Guam, shortly after the ship’s captain wrote a scathing letter to his superiors calling for “decisive action” to protect those on board from a coronavirus outbreak.

Sailors began going ashore a week after the first coronavirus case was confirmed on the nuclear-powered vessel.

The ship has about 5,000 crew members, and Captain Brett Crozier called for more than 4,000 to be allowed to leave the ship so they could be properly isolated.

Acting U.S. Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said he disagreed with Crozier’s assertion that 90 percent of the crew could be removed, saying more are needed to “maintain the safety and security of the ship.”

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