Editor’s Note: Mr. Worden has brought up an interesting point. Is there a secondary virus that infects animals to humans and humans to animals? If you believe the report that the original virus came from a bat or some other exotic animal and mutated to transfer to man then there would be two strains we have to deal with.

I’ve been maintaining Hummingbird feeders for so many years I’ve forgotten when I started.  This year, I initially had up to 40 Hummingbirds (which is normal) each evening on my four feeders.  Then their numbers began to dwindle.  The local population dropped so far I had to take down three feeders and leave just one.  I haven’t seen a Hummingbird on that one remaining feeder in the past two days and the level of sugar water hasn’t dropped at all!

I’ve read on REAL news that two dogs and one cat have been diagnosed with Covid-19.  It sickened all three, but I haven’t heard if they survived or not.  If Covid-19 is so adaptive and resourceful it can cross-infect entire species of animals, what about birds?  I also saw a few Swallows in early March, fewer than normal, but they have also disappeared, and they always nest here.

I also maintain a feeder for the Juncos, Sparrows, Jays and other seed-eaters like Nuthatches, and so far their population is remaining normal.

It may be that all this is just a coincidence.  Maybe the Hummingbirds and Swallows died or left for a completely different reason altogether, but I can tell you this has never happened before.  A few years ago, the Hummingbirds and Swallows arrived about a month late, but they did finally arrive.  This is very different.  Let me put it this way:  If Covid-19 can infect or be carried by birds, it would go a long way towards explaining how some people, who have exercised extreme care to avoid being infected, still came down sick with Covid-19.

I’m just reporting my own observations and not trying to start a conspiracy theory of sorts, but this development is very odd indeed — and unprecedented in my 30 years living here.


Carl F. Worden

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