April 7, 2020 News from Real Clear Politics

No More Call Waiting: Trump and Biden Finally Connect. Phil Wegmann reports on the conversation between the presidential opponents.

Union Provision Was Secretly Slipped Into COVID-19 Relief Bill. Susan Crabtree has the story.

All-Mail Vote: Great for Lawyers, Awful for Election Integrity. Democrats’ effort to eliminate in-person voting is a power grab during the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam Brandon warns.

COVID-19 Response Elevates Pharma in Public’s Eye. U.S. drug makers are running full steam ahead to defeat the killer virus, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed, Jack Kalavritinos writes.

Tom Coburn: A Beacon in Dark Times. He was tough and demanding, but the budget hawk from Oklahoma was perhaps best known for his uncommon decency. John Hart has this remembrance of Coburn, who died last week.

Defense Budget Implications of the Pandemic. In RealClearDefense, a quartet of authors has this assessment.

Westward, Ho! BLM Orders Shift of D.C.-Based Staff. Top staff at the Bureau of Land Management have been told to pack up, but most aren’t climbing aboard the wagon train, Vince Bielski reports for RealClearInvestigations.

Layoffs Are Sad, But Peter Navarro’s Would Be an Exception. RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny assails the White House adviser’s calls to “Buy American” in efforts to combat the coronavirus.

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