Truth vs. the Official Narrative

Truth – VEMKAR

By Fred Marshall

The official narrative is seldom, if ever, true, because the truth needn’t be made official.  Truth stands on its own, and anything that is made official means, by definition, an officer/official, some human, had to endorse it.

Narrative implies that a narration must accompany observed reality to make sense of it, distort it, etc.  It further implies that people observing reality are neither capable nor can be trusted to form their own opinions, to think for themselves…as that would expose the “official narrative.”

The official narrative has, for the few decades since I’ve stopped unquestioningly accepting it, repeatedly proven itself untrustworthy to those of us who have not lost the ability to think critically.

For your consideration (apologies to Rod Serling for the Night Gallery/Twilight Zone reference)…

Video by Gary Franchi, who has been a great source of exposés over the years…

BUSTED! Bill Gates Slips, Reveals TERRIFYING Coronavirus ENDGAME, Ted Talk Covers It Up (9:41)

This next video is somewhat longer, but worth watching.  I’d forgotten about James Corbett, first heard of his years ago, but he is a legitimate source of truth & news that you won’t find on the government (FCC-) licensed mainstream media.  I actually found this video while doing a search using “Bill Gates reveals COVID-19 endgame”, a phrase I found that got me to click on the first video link above by Gary Franchi.

The PRE PLANNED Global Response To COVID-19 And The ENDGAME Agenda EXPOSED With James Corbett!! (24:50)

The Corbett Report, by James Corbett who, as mentioned in the previous video, actually offers solutions to the problems we’re dealing with…

An article I found in a search for “coronavirus covid-19 propaganda”, good read, reminded me of the term agitprop (short for agitation propaganda) that I hadn’t heard in years, but is a very real thing…

Two agenda items that the global elite are using this pandemic to push are forced vaccinations (Bill Gates has been promoting this for years with his talk of depopulation disguised as humanitarian relief), and a cashless society (claiming that the virus can actually be transmitted on paper money, a perfect excuse to go digital, one step closer to the mark of the beast in Revelation 13:16-18.  That’s not to mention the slowly encroaching police state we have found ourselves in over the years, with every new crisis being used to wear down people’s resistance to government overreach.

I implore you to research the origin and history of vaccines for yourself.  The site is a good place to start.  You will better understand the meaning of Revelation 9:21 and its reference to sorceries (Greek pharmakeia).  Vaccines have been more profitable for the pharmaceutical industry than the drugs they market, partly because governments are eager customers and have deeper pockets.  Furthermore, the vaccine industry is closely tied to the abortion industry, as it uses fetal tissue in at least some of its vaccines.  These are two industries that need to be exposed to the light of day, and tomorrow is not too soon for that to happen.

Please forgive the overlap, but I’m including an excerpt of an email I sent to a friend earlier in response to his hoping for a vaccine to be introduced soon to put an end to this pandemic…(I’ve since added links to the original excerpt)

I would very strongly urge you to do some research on vaccines, their origin and history. is a good start.  The whole purpose (or at least the desired consequence) of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic scare is for people to accept forced vaccination.  If vaccines were such a good idea, they wouldn’t have to be mandatory;  people would willingly get them on their own.

In 1993, the year I got saved, a friend of mine told me how his daughter almost died when she was about four or five, to the point where she was telling him and his wife “goodbye”, knowing she would die.  They took her to a naturopath who immediately asked them if she’d recently been vaccinated.  Turned out she had, just days before.  The naturopath proceeded to detox her, and she survived.  My friend gave me a little booklet exposing the truth about vaccines, which led me to read more on the subject.

We stopped giving vaccines to our daughter (it took a while for my wife to come around, she thought I was crazy).  When we shared our concerns with our pediatrician, his response was “where is all this paranoia coming from?”  That was all I needed to hear, he stopped being our pediatrician that day.  I told my wife how dare someone respond to well-researched facts & information with an attempt to diagnose me with a mental disorder.  In my reading, I learned that many pediatricians won’t vaccinate their own children… that’s like a cook not eating his own food.

There’s a book by Eustace Mullins called “Murder by Injection“.  It’s very hard to find, and expensive if you can find it.  But it’s worth looking for.  It’s horribly written (i.e. there are some places where a paragraph spans two or three pages), but it contains a lot of very eye-opening, well-documented, and thoroughly researched information.

Vaccines typically contain aluminum (linked to Alzheimer’s), formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), and mercury (also known to cause cancer);  none of those things have any business being injected into human beings.  Autism was once very rare, but since the proliferation fo the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, typhoid) vaccine, the incidence of autism has skyrocketed.  The media & pharmaceutical industry gave a very lame rebuttal to this connection by (a few years ago) claiming that no connection was found between autism and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.  Clever case of bait & switch, which people who don’t really pay attention would easily fall for to discredit what they’ve labeled with the derisive/pejorative term “anti-vaxxers”.

Moreover, the vaccine industry makes use of fetal tissue, and therefore supports the abortion industry.  This is why some people are so adamantly “pro-choice”, because if the barbaric practice of abortion ended tomorrow, there would be no more fetal tissue available for vaccines.

Another good book is “The Poisoned Needle” by Eleanor McBean, another hard to find, and pricey book, but worth finding & reading.

One of my favorite children’s stories is The Emperor’s New Clothes.  (And by the way, none of this is meant in any way to disparage President Trump – if you want some encouraging perspective about what he’s doing, watch any of the series of videos on the YouTube channel X22Report.)  The little child who speaks the truth of the emperor’s nakedness against the official narrative of his fictitious clothes is an example of the courage needed so much today in a society awash in deception.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”George Orwell

Ephesians 5:11 says we are to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

If it is more important to you to know the truth than blindly accept the official narrative, please share this with those you know and care about.

In Christ,

Fred Marshall

Copyright April 2020

All rights reserved – wide distribution is encouraged, welcome, and expected

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