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The cartoon above upset a few folks last week. That’s my job. They assumed that I care more about money than human life. For the record, I don’t want anyone to die. Neither do you. But we balance freedom and risk, don’t we? If we really wanted to save every life, the speed limit on all roads would be 5 miles an hour. But it’s not, despite the fact that over 38,000 people die every year in car crashes. Back to the point of my cartoon: Social distancing is saving lives. It is also killing our economy, liberty, businesses, jobs and causing people to be fearful of the future. The New York Times reported that the unemployment rate is around 13 percent with over 16 million people out of work. And did you know that suicide hotlines around the country have experienced huge increases? They have. At the beginning of the shutdown, President Trump said that he didn’t want the cure to be worse than the disease. Yesterday he introduced a new task force that will study and recommend the best way to restart the economy. So, as Trump likes to say, “We’ll see what happens.”


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