Sean Hannity and Representative Matt Gaetz will often tell you that 99% of the FBI is made up of dedicated, patriotic and trustworthy law enforcement agents of the highest possible integrity.  I know why Hannity talks that way — Hannity has close family members who are FBI agents.  Matt Gaetz is just going along with the official line that tells us, “The top levels of the FBI became corrupt under former Director Comey, but the rank and file of the FBI are trustworthy and blah, blah, blah…


Do you know why the FBI is called the Federal Bureau of Investigation?  When it was created, the government needed to con the American public into accepting a federal law enforcement agency that is prohibited under Article 10 of the Bill of Rights.  To paraphrase, Article 10 reads that the powers not given the federal government by the Constitution, are reserved to the states and the people.  There is no power given the federal government to have its own law enforcement agency, so at the time, they used the term, “Investigation”, to make it appear FBI agents merely, “investigate”, rather than arrest.  When the American people and their representatives didn’t object, they just continued on until today, and as is true with every other similar violation of constitutional protections, it has come right around to bite us in the behind.

The CIA and Mafia conspired to assassinate John F. Kennedy, but the cover-up required the cooperation of the FBI, and they got it.  I suppose we’re all expected to believe they did it without the help of rank and file Special Agents.

When the FBI murdered Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge in Idaho , she was merely standing in the doorway of the Weaver cabin, “armed”, with her 10 month old suckling child.  An FBI Special Agent sniper named Lon Horiuchi shot Vicky in the head, not even considering she might fall on top of her baby and injure or kill it.  Lon Horiuchi was rank and file, not top brass.

When the FBI needlessly barbecued the church congregation at Waco, Texas, killing 80 men, women and little children, that act of genocide was carried out by rank and file FBI agents.

When protesters took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, protesting the heavy-handed way the federal government was treating ranchers who had cattle grazing rights, the FBI arranged an ambush of a caravan taking protesters to a meeting.  Robert Lavoy Finicum jumped out of one of the vehicles and was shot down like a dog by rank and file FBI agents and Oregon State Police.  They claimed Finicum was reaching for a firearm in his upper jacket pocket, but the video clearly showed they began firing before Finicum reached for the gun, and in fact the video looks like Finicum was reacting to being shot one of the nine times he was hit.

Rank and file FBI Special Agents made a deal with criminal gang member Whitey Bulger in Boston.  They wanted his cooperation snitching on the Italian Mob and did nothing when Bulger carried out murders and other crimes right under their noses.

That’s just a few examples of how the 99% of the rank and file of the FBI carries out their orders, and only the Bulger Case resulted in an FBI agent being prosecuted.  All the other FBI murderers of American citizens got away with their crimes.

I’m not on Twitter, but those of you who are need to keep these facts in mind when you send a Tweet to Hannity and Gaetz, because they clearly do not have a grasp on the true history of the FBI.

The FBI is an illegal agency of the federal government for the same reason Department of Education is illegal:  Both are prohibited under Article 10 of the Bill of Rights, and if you remain silent, they will just go on with business as usual.


Carl F. Worden

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