One thing COVID19 has assured me of is that government remains terrible

From our Friend in East Tennessee

Our prayers and thoughts go with him…..

We’ve all heard the stories. Governor’s overreaching. Cops arresting people who are paddle boarding alone, driving alone, and generally doing things that threaten no one. However, the cops do turn that into a threatening situation. Here are two ways the .gov has personally impacted me:

When my wife passed, we were out of town. The governor ordered a shutdown of the state and I couldn’t leave because she was in the hospital. Everything is shutdown. All of it. Except for fucking toll booths. I’m no epidemiologist but it seems to me that thousands of people coming into contact with a small group of people over a long time period would do more to spread the disease than people going to the beach. But the state’s gotta get that revenue.

Then, once I returned home, I received the most bizarre telephone call. First, some background: When my wife was still alive at the hospital, I asked specifically if they were going to test her for the coronavirus. They told me no because she displayed no symptoms. I couldn’t stay with her at the hospital because of the virus protocol. I could only visit if they called and allowed me. The hospital called and informed me that a CT scan confirmed that she had suffered a collapsed lung due to chest compressions and this put her at risk. As such, they tested her and it came back negative.

Then the call happened. Caller ID identified the number as the Tennessee Department of Health. On the other end of the line was a woman named *redacted* who stated she was a Registered Nurse with the department. She had no sense of social interaction and her speech pattern was so bizarre that I thought it was a robot call. And I hung up on her and blocked the number. She was seriously fucking weird.

Two days later, I receive a letter from *redacted* at the Health Department stating it was urgent that I call them. I called and, sure enough, *redacted* answered the phone. Still incapable of picking up on common human social skills, she inquired about my wife. I informed her she had passed. She oddly offered condolences and informed me that she was part of the team tracking virus related deaths in the state. I told her my wife tested negative for the virus. And she told me that when my wife was tested out of state, that hospital informed the department she had been tested. But didn’t tell them she was negative. I found it very strange.

I’d bet $100 right now that she is counted among the official death toll in Tennessee due to COVID19,

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