Is there a Moses in the House?

Are there enough Americans ready to unhook the mask that has taken the place of a black swastika-emblazoned armband and engage their God-given right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?”

Is there a Moses in the House?

By A. Dru Kristenev  | Canada Free Press

Apathy is prevalent across the land. People are holed-up in their homes waiting for their governor to give them permission to go about their business.

Governor Pete Ricketts (R) of Nebraska used the word “allow” when directing the citizenry about opening their “nonessential” businesses and “nonessential” churches. And this in a conservative state smack in the middle of the heartland. (Listen to the restrictions being imposed for conducting worship services, overstepping the First Amendment by essentially establishing a state religion of COVID-19.)

On it’s face, the development is disturbing, yet challenges to these guidelines are practically nonexistent. As much as showing up at state capitals on May Day was a demonstration of dissatisfaction with government handling of an overblown crisis, few are defying the unconstitutionality of these edicts by unlocking their business and church doors.

Facing down the giant of statism that Americans have allowed (there’s that word again) to grow unhindered for the past eighty years isn’t happening. Hissing and moaning on social media doesn’t count except to vent, nor does the internet adequately replace human interaction or commerce.

If people haven’t realized to what extent the State has eradicated free movement and the pursuit of individual livelihoods, note that Kate Brown, democrat governor of Oregon, decided to lockdown the state until July 6, 2020. For rationale, she cited danger of infection in a state of four million where, at the time of the declaration, there had been 109 deaths associated with coronavirus, not necessarily caused by it. The cry of outrage should be deafening.

What’s needed is a Moses in each community to come forward to confront the “pharaoh” and demand the release of the slaves.

Should anyone following the stay-at-home order believe that “slave” is an overstatement, it’s time to examine their justification for permitting themselves to be imprisoned by an irrational fear of a disease that credible studies have shown to be less lethal than the annual flu. (If you don’t believe your life has been impacted for the worse, just as I was writing this there came a flurry of horns honking as a group of cars drove by to wish someone a happy birthday which they were constrained from doing in person.)

Moses reluctantly undertook the advocacy of an oppressed people, a people who didn’t start out that way but had been transformed from freedom to servitude over time, much as Americans have allowed government to undermine their liberty. God endued him with a presence that Pharaoh tolerated to state Israel’s case before the throne. Even this gesture was denied citizens who, in Mississippi on May 1, 2020, were not permitted, by officers acting for the State, to gather on the capitol steps for a peaceful rally.

Governors are acting as Pharaoh, decreeing that citizens must make bricks without straw. They are expected to comply with work orders while being restricted from working – told to create something out of nothing and be happy about it.

Moses pushed the envelope and God provided the means to loose the chains long enough to escape prison, though the fight for true freedom was lengthened by decades because the people capitulated to fear of what appeared to be overwhelming odds. As soon as they didn’t see the power of God operating, which they had just experienced, they lost faith that doomed them to wander in the wilderness until Joshua kindled their courage.

Now is the time for a Moses to rise up in the houses of government and among the businesspeople and the churches. One willing to be a voice, a standard-bearer and an example of faith in the face of godless fear. One who will take the lead in their community to insist the people’s inheritance is restored; who will pray for the rebellious who have jeopardized that heritage by drifting from faith (Deuteronomy 9:23-29) and placing government above the law. One who is willing to coach the people about their ability to overturn tyranny that’s masquerading as the law that it contradicts.

For consideration:

• COVID-19’s mortality rate is less than seasonal flu (CDC data. Check the “provisional” statistics to understand the inflated numbers.)

• COVID-19 has been used to deny treatment for fatal illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, etc.

• Unconstitutional executive orders are denying the free exercise of religion and speech (1st Amendment), armed protection (2nd Amendment) free enterprise and the ability to provide for one’s family, freedom of travel – the pursuit of life and liberty (Fifth Amendment).

• As Israel was in the wilderness, Americans far outnumber their adversaries (it’s difficult to refer to the State in this way but that’s what government has become, adversarial to the People). Approximately three million Israelites came out of Egypt which no single walled town or city standing against them housed. American patriots number over 200 million in a nation of 325 million and if all those entrepreneurs and church leaders knowing their rights, invoked those rights by opening their businesses and worship centers, the renegade State officials could not arrest and jail all those exercising their God-given rights.

• If county sheriffs upheld their constitutional oaths to serve their constituents first and foremost, they would not enforce unconstitutional orders, which are not law if they do not conform to the state or federal constitutions. If state and city law enforcement officers would do the same, they would constrain government officials operating outside their constitutional authority.

Belief in God’s promise and how He re-established our dominion through Christ is what must be restored to the people’s understanding. Ephesians 3:20 explains the power given to His People.

A Moses and a Joshua are called upon to come before the House, the Senate, every state legislature, every county board and every city council to direct Americans back to the path of self-determination.

When independent entrepreneurs, like Family Barbershop Owner Mike Land of Madison, MS, who knew his constitutional right to conduct business, are threatened with intolerable fines and jail under the color of law, it’s time to move in faith. When single parents like Kosha Beall are denied their right to ply their trade because it’s been determined by authorities that it’s “nonessential,” then it’s time to contest government excess.

Standing at a podium on the capitol grounds in Jackson, Mississippi, State Senator Chris McDaniel made an essential point that should strike all Americans to the core, “A constitution without men and women willing to defend it isn’t a constitution at all.”

The internet is fraught with predictions that the coronavirus vaccine will contain the “mark” limiting who can buy or sell. How easily are people overlooking the obvious but insidious “requirement” already in our midst that is restricting who can buy or sell, or go out in public – the face mask, which has been proven to be ineffective in safeguarding health.

Christians who proclaim their faith are being cowed by the world’s decision to be driven by fear and are conforming by covering up like Muslims do with niqabs, hijabs or burkhas. Believers can’t live with one foot in fear and one foot in faith. One cancels out the other.

Are there enough Americans ready to unhook the mask that has taken the place of a black swastika-emblazoned armband and engage their God-given right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?”

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