History of education -That Americans Were Poorly Educated Before Mass Government Schooling Is a Myth

There’s this perception that without government schooling, we’d all be illiterate morons, even though this country was founded by well (self) educated people who didn’t go to government run, taxpayer funded schools.  That people think this, reflects how poor the government schooling is.

Only 4 in 1,000 people couldn’t read and write in 1800.  Compare that to the literacy of today. 


Prior to the civil war, only one state had compulsory education for kids: Massachusetts.  That was instituted because an atheist was hoping that educated people would turn away from religion.  We see that in action today.



Right now, most kids aren’t in school.  That would be a good thing, except that we now have over a century of government schools teaching kids to look to government for the answers.  Just look at the Bernie Sanders entitlement generation.


I simply cannot understand how so many self professing Christians sacrifice their children on the alter of the state: government schooling.

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