New York Times touts doomsday coronavirus death projections found to be flawed

What’s Up: The New York Times on Monday published what they’re calling an “internal” Trump administration model projecting 3,000 deaths per day by June 1 and 200,000 new cases a day as well. The only problem? The administration is saying the model has not been presented to the task force and the document isn’t theirs. And in fact, the model’s own author is admitting it’s incomplete.

Quote: “I had no role in the process by which that was presented and shown. This data was presented as an FYI to CDC … it was not in any way intended to be a forecast.” —The model’s creator

The First take: The Washington Post did a much better journalistic job (read here) reporting on the model, talking with the author who admitted it’s incomplete and was given to the CDC as an “FYI” and a “work in progress.” But the New York Times? They weren’t as cautious. This is why the country doesn’t trust the media. And it’s dangerous. The media is so bent on pushing an agenda, and hides behind phrases like, We were just reporting what was out there. It’s a joke. Statistician Nate Silver said it best, “it was irresponsible of [the Times] to release the slide deck and put such bold, somewhat misleading headlines on it without providing any of that context.”

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