Inequality is Real. The Left Misses the Boat on It.

50 years ago, income inequality was severe in the U.S. It still is ...

By Erick Erickson

I think we do have to worry about inequality in America. I think this is not just a concern of the left and is very real. The 2008 economic meltdown left a lot of people behind. If you want to understand the political leanings of millennials, consider they will be the first generation of Americans that will probably not have it better than their parents.

The Obama era recovery programs after 2008 did not focus on elevating people back out of poverty, but only sought to make them comfortable in their poverty. The left is incapable of truly dealing with the problems of inequality because their solution is not to elevate lower incomes into higher incomes but reduce the incomes of the rich through redistribution to the poor.

Jesus said we would always have the poor. The left has seemingly interpreted that through their vehicles of social justice as we would always have the exact same poor people so we should comfort those people. Instead, we should recognize there will always be poor people, but we should provide a helping hand to elevate those who are able so that they can elevate themselves out of the ranks of the poor. The poor should not be a static class of people.

I am dwelling on this because of something I keep seeing in the discussions about the economy and inequality. There just seems to be no appreciation from policy makers, particularly on the left, that small businesses exist or are relevant to the issue of inequality. All the complaints on the left are about big tech companies and the left’s desire to break them apart into something even they do not seem sure of. The inevitable result of that will just be to make rich progressives even richer.

What is never addressed is …keep reading

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